Our Factory
  Our factory is situated at Fullerton industrial Estate, Nagoda, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. The factory was established as a BOI project with the Cabinet approval of the Parliament of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 16th December 2010. Further we have registered under the Companies act no 7 of 2007, under the registration number PV 67990. The production area is 12,000 square feet in size. Currently our workforce is over 80 and it is gradually increasing. Our work force is consist of two Directors, management  staff of nine, clerical staff of six, forty three as minor staff and laborers, sixteen technicians, two quality controllers, and five supervisors. Apart from that we have fixed around 40 highly developed new technological  machines on the floor area. Our raw materials are as follows.  
  Resin Rubber sheets
  Leather welts
  Genuine Leather
  Imported and intercompany Soles
  Upper and inner materials etc…
  The factory is managed by a well experienced management team. Our production employees are having the experience over 10 years in the shoe industry. Therefore they assure a high standard of quality of the production. We maintain separate departments for Designing, Productions, Quality control, Stores, Technical and Maintenance, Laboratory Research and Developments, Human Resource Development, Administrations, Finance, and Marketing. We have maintained our staff without guilty by providing all the necessities such as Separate Male and Female Toilets, Separate changing rooms and lockers for male and Female, Separate changing rooms and lockers for male and Female, Separate changing rooms and lockers for male and Female, Sick Rooms and Rest Rooms, Dining Rooms, Pantries, Stores, Canopies and made a very human friendly environment.  
  We have constructed our factory by highly focusing on the environment protection and we use new technologies to manage the wastes and to avoid environmental pollution. We expect to take the ISO 9001 - 2000 certificate near in the future. Further we are using the 5’S and KAIZEN Quality  circles to improve our quality in the factory areas. We have identified our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and we are dealing with social activities and we subscribe for environmental friendly programmes in addition to contributing to the business.  
The SELAKTA Factory
The SELAKTA Office
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